Saturday, 15 October 2011

Sabena models at the Airliner convention

During the last Airliner Convention, an impressive collection of display models of the Sabena was on display.
Although never in use or in production the models of the Boeing SST and the Concorde in the Sabena colors are impressive.
The big Boeing 747 is a model once in use in Mini Europe at the Heysel Park in Brussels

You are invited to view Yves Duwelz's photo album: Zaventem-airliner-convention Sabena model collection
Zaventem-airliner-convention Sabena model collection
Zaventem -
15 Oct 2011
by Yves Duwelz
Pictures of a collection of models of Sabena aircraft taken at the Zaventem Airliners convention 15/10/2011
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