Thursday, 5 February 2015

Custom Display Case

Some weeks ago, I was looking for a display case for the 1/350th USS Hornet (Trumpeteer) scale model I was building for the BAPA (Tokio Doolittle Raid).

A quick calculation gave 50 Euro for the plexiglas + 10 euro for glue, screws and bolts + 2 days (spare time) to build to case.

My last experience building such a case was bad with the plexiglas damaged when sawed and a lot of time to assemble the box.

For maybe the 100th time, I googled internet to search for a better solution but until then, I only found very expensive solutions or standard display cases which never fit to my needs.

This time, I was lucky, I found . This German company produce custom display cases. I entered the dimensions of the case I need and an immediate calculation give me a price of 70 Euro + 9 euro for packaging and postage.

The difference of price between an "hand made" box and this solution was so small, the decision was easy to take.

4 days later, I receive a big package I open the next Saturday.

Some good news in the box

* All parts are protected by blue film where part number are written. The film is very resistant to avoid damage during the the transport but the website include instructions how to remove the film.
* An "Ikea minded" instruction sheet explains how to assemble the box.
* The box is easy to assemble by way of screws and bold and give a very solid box.

The finished box is exactly what I need and for sure I will never use another solution if a need a display case